Yoga has innumerable benefits. In fact it is a panacea for those who lead a sedentary life because it prepares you in every way to face the oncoming day with physical and mental strength and confidence. Few noticeable benefits of physical and mental body are as follows:


Physical benefits

–  Massage internal organs which ensures their function correctly- Stretch, massage and stimulate nerve system
–  Prevent and cure diseases
–  Remove constipation problems
–  Increase strength
–  Lowers blood pressure
–  Weight management
–  Improved digestion
–  Increase circulation and removes the poisonous bacteria
–  Eliminate toxins from the body which prevent skin ailments such as boils, pimples etc.
–  Pain and tension relief
–  Increase flexibility
–  Improved postures
–  Increase immunity
–  Improve breathing
–  Body toning
–  Better health and increase vitality

Mental benefits

–  Improve intuition
–  Increase self-acceptance
–  Improve concentration which induce peace of mind
–  Neutralized stress
–  Improve memory power
–  Increase mental awareness
–  Focus on the present
–  Increase confidence
–  Unlock energy flow
–  Balance brain hemispheres
–  Reduce emotional conflicts, neurosis and stress

And these are just some of the commonly known benefits. In conclusion the response of yoga may vary from person to person, but ultimately it makes you feel great in body, mind and spirit