Lim Yin Mee

Life begins at the age of 30. To me, it is true only when you have a healthy body.

My health had really taken a toll at 30 s. My lower back pain started creeping badly and it affected my lower body movement. The excruciating pain was beyond bearable that I had problem getting down from my bed when I opened my eyes in the morning. I cant sit fore more than 30 minut when i tried to get out from my driver seat. I also struggled with pain in every step, I took as my soles was filled with thousands of ant-biting numbness pain. Each experience was a torture to me and I was only 30s.

I had a seek for a variety of therapist for my health conditions which included pain relief management from conventional doctor to alternative like chiropractic treatment, swimming and line dance.All these did not remove my pain completely, in fact, pain killers had been part of my ‘meal’ to soothe the pain for over a decade.Yin Mee

Finally, I was introduced to take up an exercise which built flexibility,balance and strength 22 month ago. Till now, my health has been restored. I can easily get down from my bed without struggling. I can even sit for more than half an hour. My ant-biting numbness pain had been reduced tremendously. Thanks to my great instructor Mr. Bikram. He is an Experienced, passionate and committed teacher, who offers appropriate tips and patiently guides me throughout my journey in this yoga exercise. His guidance has transformed me from a clumsy person to a not so clumsy person and able to perform challenging poses.

He comes into his studio early and stays back after class to answer questions, if any, A gesture to show his care to his students. Thus, I often ask him question with comfort and this further help in deepen my understanding of each pose.He also concerns his students progress which impress me.

Thank you teacher and I am glad to be your student for the past 22 months and coming many months and years. Thank you for restoring my health that i can enjoy my life with joy.

Lee Lailin

I have learnt my Yoga unintentionally. After the first trial class session about two years ago, and had seen the wonderful posture picture of my Yoga teacher posted on the entrance wall. I had gained great confidence and trust

Leethat he is an amazing teacher for us to get in depth and well prepared Yoga exercises. He was able to direct, uplift the class confidently and also help us to push through our Yoga difficulties mentally and physically. He is also happy to share openly on his Experiences and knowledge other than Yoga as well. He could connect everyone of us in the class well especially the group photo session of the wonderful posture which was shared in our whatsapp group. Furthermore, I was able to relax, feel rejuvenated and fresh after Yoga exercises. Thank you very much to my great teacher. Lee Lailin(Kota Kemuning)

Jocelyn Lau

I started practicing Yoga since 2014 with Yoga Space Studio Malaysia. Bikram Yogi is very fun and encouraging teacher.

Teacher Bikram always start off the class with breathing practice because Yoga itself is a breathing practice. It helps to balance, generate heat, focus during the practice.Yoga is hot as sweat is profuse when practicing. Poses are not easy, however teacher Bikram always remind us to not force or compare our bodies with others as every individual has different strength.   Lau

Teacher Bikram shares with us the benefits of each poses and name of the poses. Therefore we have started to understand Yoga better.

Practicing Yoga with Bikram Yogi is fun and encouraging. We have so much joy during the practice, therefore we look forward to attend his class everyday!


It was three years ago that I had a chance to get to know Yoga. I still remember the feeling of being surprised, when I did Yoga for the first time. I felt light not only my body but also my mind.

Actually I had experienced some sports and training, but the feeling after having done sports was very different. After having finished Yoga, I felt refreshed and got energy even though the class has just finished. I also felt happiness.IMG_4845

It did not take long for me to fall in love with Yoga and I have come to love the small yet extraordinary world on the Yoga mat. Yoga became a part of me and I need Yoga like how I need air or water. I really thank Yoga, not to forget lots of thanks to our teacher, Bikram, who instructs us properly and help us grow. Thank You very much Yoga Space!

Sally Liew

I love this studio ! The studio is not as fancy as some but it is warm and cozy.If you like to challenge or to learn different types of Yoga, this is the right place.

Well, Mr. Bikram(Teacher) is probably the best I have had. He pays attention to every moment you make and correcting your postures. He goes around adjusting everybody to make sure no one is injured.

If you plan to take Yoga seriously, Yoga Space Studio is the right choice.




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