Bikram yogi who is the founder of this organization with highly qualified professional yoga master was born in the region of the birthplace of Lord Buddha – Nepal.

During his childhood, he learned ancient yogic technique with his first guru Karma yogi Pandit Churamani Uppadhya where he received sacred words Mantra, Vedas, Gita, Upanishads and other ancient yogic technique. At the age of 13, he participated in a yoga competition and won the championship in town which encouraged him to further his studies in core yogic science and learned advance yoga and Reiki under Dr. Yogi Vikasananda. After he received master degree in Math from Tribhuvan University, he went to India to take professional yoga course to sharpen his knowledge. He started teaching yoga unconditionally/faithfully in few countries since 2004.

Finally in 2012, he founded Yoga Space Studio at Kota Kemuning and shares his yogic knowledge with those who are health conscious and seeking for peace of mind to lead a balanced life style or happy life. He healed hundreds of people through Yoga especially those who suffered back pain, slip disc, arthritis, frozen shoulders and other diseases which are beyond medical science treatment.

                                  Bikram Yogi’s Vision

Bikram yogi wishes to share more of his yogic knowledge with those who are having difficulties such as chronic back pain, neck pain, slip disc, cervical spondylitis, frozen shoulders, female problem due to disharmony of internal organs, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia and many more health problems through yogic science.